Ventana Trainings

Ventana Trainings, Boise, Idaho. Welcome! Our personal development courses offer a profound transformation whereby you access your authentic self and manifest your deepest vision for yourself and your world.

Our Facilitators

Sylvia Badasci


Discovery trainer Sylvia Badasci, M.A., is a world-renowned facilitator of personal growth and development. She has facilitated workshops and seminars in the US, Asia, Europe, Russia and South America. Her skill of fiercely holding her students accountable for their lives, along with her enormous love and compassion for the human condition, makes her a much beloved teacher on four continents. Studies with the Jung Institute and a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University enhance her 25+ years of direct experience on the training floor. In addition to facilitating ChoiceCenter's Discovery courses, Sylvia also facilitates the Relationships, Renewal and Goddess Retreat trainings. A graduate of Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo, Sylvia created and facilitates the popular Relationships workshop, mentors aspiring trainers, coaches executive teams and works with her peers to update training seminars and write and produce manuals.


I believe there is innate wisdom in the body that can open us to greater possibilities of divine grace and beauty. The last 20+ years of my life have been filled with a fiery passion for exploring the wisdom, laughter, freedom and creativity of human beings in action. Moving with freedom in the body. Moving in the celebration of others. Moving paradigms and patterns as we come home to ourselves. What an amazing dance! And, I’ve devoted my life’s work to creating experiential learning environments that evoke the depth and greater dimensions of human being. I hope you’ll come explore with us.


Eleanor Hanauer, M.A., is an internationally acknowledged trainer and leader, a master in the field of transformation. For 25 years she has brought her fierce, clear, loving brand of transformation to areas all over the USA, Latin America and Asia.

Educated at the University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University and Stanford University, she also has studied at Laval University in Montreal, Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, the Jung Institute in Switzerland, and the Sorbonne in France. She utilizes her experience as a director of training in the corporate world to enhance her creativity and clarity.

Eleanor is honored and dedicated to be a messenger of “the Work.”