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Ventana Trainings, Boise, Idaho. Welcome! Our personal development courses offer a profound transformation whereby you access your authentic self and manifest your deepest vision for yourself and your world.

Ventana Leadership Trainings

VENTANA TRAININGS open a doorway to an extraordinary future. Our unique curriculum is highly developed and has proven success. Experiential learning puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll explore your attitudes, behaviors, ways of thinking and seeing, and will notice conditioned patterns learned from the past, that may no longer serve your best interests. Through your participation in these trainings, you will have the opportunity to breakthrough to new ways of being, re-ignite your passion, freedom, and know how to manifest a future of your own design.

While traditional education may prepare us for career success in business, science, communications or the arts, etc., it does not prepare us for the art of living. Where do we turn to know how to respond with inner and outer peace and strength in the midst of rapid changes in our evolving world? How do we transcend the voice of our ego that wants to react, and stay grounded when we feel anger, hurt or betrayal? How will we handle the bumps and bruises, the wins and losses, the trials and joy of what it means to be human? Our work is about living on the playing field of life, and playing whole-heartedly! What will your legacy be? What kind of mark will you leave on the world?

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January 9 - April 5, 2020

V9 Ventana Leadership Trainings

September 5 - December 15, 2019

V8 Ventana Leadership Trainings

June 5 – September 15, 2019

Our foundational course is one training divided into three modules. The modules complement and build on one another.



DISCOVERY is a four-day experiential learning environment. In this beginning course, you uncover and examine the dramatic power of underlying beliefs and assumptions which have determined your current experience of life, acknowledge what's working and what's not, and make new choices. 

Through a series of discussions, followed by exercises designed to open awareness into your inner world, you awaken to new possibilities.  It is a safe, supportive environment for the heart to open and  for every aspect of your life to be seen with new eyes.


Level II is an action packed journey of inquiry and awakening.  Building on insights and awareness from DISCOVERY, BREAKTHROUGH opens a space for you to release limiting patterns at a cellular level.  In four short days, you will trust yourself to reach beyond perceived boundaries and reclaim the innocence, passion, and power of your authentic self. Through engaging with others you will realize the profound impact of your presence in every moment, and know what it takes to create a team where everyone wins.  This experience empowers the courage to face life's challenges and the freedom to realize your dreams.    


LEADERSHIP is the arena where you integrate the learning and breakthroughs from the first two sessions and put them into practice in your daily life.  You’ll determine and commit to specific, challenging goals, and be astounded as you reach them with vigor, aliveness, and fun.

You and your team dynamically form a clear vision of success and align around a mindset to achieve excellence. You also receive ongoing support of coaches to hold you accountable while you and your team step out of your comfort zones to produce extraordinary results in the areas most important in your life. You will intimately know the power of your contribution, the difference you make for others, and the effect you have on your world - personally, professionally, and in your community.

It is fast paced, rigorous, heartfelt, and a profoundly moving dynamic 3 months, that will change your ability to declare, act, and achieve what once eluded you.  It is designed so that your willingness to risk and anchor what you experienced in your trainings, step by step, transforms your life forever.  You’ll do things you never thought you would or could, and for most, never be the same again.  This is the “do whatever it takes” training; the time when you lead with your vision and make choices that align with that.  Actions, rich experiences, and bold accomplishments are your reward.  It may be the one time in your life when your fears and considerations do not determine the outcome, you do. 

Welcome to what may be the most challenging and memorable time of your life!