Ventana Trainings

Ventana Trainings, Boise, Idaho. Welcome! Our personal development courses offer a profound transformation whereby you access your authentic self and manifest your deepest vision for yourself and your world.


"I have experienced a rich and varied spiritual journey, and when I share with others my personal growth and the modalities and disciplines I have studied, I always start with my experience with the training over 13 years ago! That one experience woke me up to living consciously and intentionally. I cannot overstate the impact that the training has had on my life. I began moving from being the powerless victim to being the chooser and creator of my life. And it is a beautiful, wonderful life! Thank you to all the talented and gifted trainers of this powerful training."
- Dennis, Counselor 

"I came to the training in 1996 after many years of insecurity, depression, codependency and blaming others for my unhappiness. These personal development trainings turned my world upside down through self-evaluation, honest, compassionate feedback and taking a hard look at "the man in the mirror."  It was a life-changing experience which allowed me to develop greater self-confidence, challenge my fears (and as a result my negative behaviors) and walk through doors I had never thought I would have the courage to open.  I am now more at peace with myself, feel a greater sense of well being and have become a more authentic and positive human being."  Gayle, Teacher


“The training connected me to my feelings, emotions and heart. Before the training I did not know about passion, it was a foreign word to me, it wasn't even a concept. After the training I am passion. No doubt about it. Before the training I didn't know what love was. I mean I had an idea about love, which is just about as useful as having an idea about riding a bike. And I definitely didn't know how it felt. After the training I recognized the love I am and felt it for the first time in my life. I was married for 16 years and it was the last day of Level 1 that I actually could say that I loved her with all my mind and all my heart. The training opened my mind and heart to others in a way that had never been there before, a stepping into compassion and empathy that keeps on growing to this very day. I never did any community service before the training and now service in all its expressions is a part of who I am. It was my first step into this evolutionary journey, and for that I am eternally grateful.”  
- Homer, Retired 

“The coming to consciousness is not a discovery of some new thing; it is a long return to that which has always been.”
~ Helen Luke

"In the 26 years since my own training, I sometimes forget what kind of HUGE miracles are created from this training!!  I raised my grandson and for 20 years he thought I "took him away" from his mom.  During the training he discovered that he had issues of abandonment, feeling unloved and unlovable, trust issues, all coming from this.  During the training, he was able to heal his broken heart, forgive AND find GRATITUDE that everything was "perfect" just the way it was!!  That allowed our whole family to heal in a deep powerful way that never would have been possible without the training and the miracles that are created as a result! Thank you to the Universe and all the Trainers!" 
- Chris, Retired Loan Specialist

"I really can't overstate the impact these trainings have had on me. Before I did the trainings I had some success but I had some major blind spots and baggage that I wasn't even conscious of. These trainings were a space to become aware and work through that. Now I live with a freedom and passion that's resulted in the career and woman of my dreams."
- Quaddis, Television Producer

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”.

~ Howard Thurman